The Oceanographic station of Salammbô “SOS” was created in 1924 according to the current model of the time, in the form of laboratories for research, a museum for the public, a library for documentation and a collection reference grouping together the different marine species.

Since 1992, this establishment has been called the National Institute of Marine Sciences and Technologies (INSTM). It has the current status of a Public Research Establishment, and it is under the supervision of the Institution for Research and Higher Education in Agriculture of the Ministry of Agriculture, Water Resources and Fisheries.

The mission of INSTM is to:

• Carry out contract research programs in fields directly or indirectly linked to the sea and its resources: Fisheries, Agriculture, Marine environment, Marine technologies, Oceanography…;

• Participate in the various national, regional and international networks related to the sea.

• Contribute to solving the problems linked to the development of urban and economic activities on the coast and in territorial waters

• Transfer its know-how and the results of its research to decision-makers and professionals of the sea and to scientists.

• Serve as a decision-making aid tool for the sustainable management of the sea and its resources.

• Contribute to the dissemination of marine culture and public awareness of the protection and preservation of the sea and its biodiversity.

INSTM has 5 research laboratories:

• Fisheries Sciences Laboratory

• Aquaculture Laboratory

• Marine Environment Laboratory

• Biodiversity and Marine Biotechnology Laboratory.

• Blue Biotechnology and Aquatic Bio-products Laboratory.

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