C-Open Startup Tunisia; OST X and pre-incubation competition completed successfully.

Published on
26 Aprile 2021

AS SMOOTH AS IT GETS! Open Startup Tunisia completed successfully OSTX bootcamp on 7 March and started a new journey for the cohort of talented students who impressed us (Photo).

The bootcamp was held after OST first Pre-incubation, in which nine outstanding startups had completed a 4-month incubation programme to get the best of training and access the entrepreneurship network.

OST pre-incubation was held in 12-week FULLY ONLINE training as a response to the global pandemic circumstances and provided participants with high-quality instruction led by national and international experts and strong mentoring programmes conducted by both Tunisian and Columbian coaches who supported them in prototyping and national and international networking (which is a major OST strength and one of the reasons making them a WATERMEDYIN  outstanding ISO) and the OST team, which is one of the best in Tunisia’s startup ecosystem.

Photo: OSTX bootcamp ecosystem

The three aforementioned ISOs, including public institutions and private incubators, are some of the outstanding WATERMEDYIN  Tunisian ISOs, responsible for supporting and encouraging the startups operating in the water and agrifood sectors. These ISOs were selected for their expertise in assisting young entrepreneurs, especially those targeted by WATERMEDYIN  project, i.e., youth and women in the entire Mediterranean region.

To all remaining readers and all young entrepreneurs interested to be part of one of the most inspiring and promoting projects supported by the Italian cooperation and implemented by CIHEAM Bari, in three Mediterranean countries, including Tunisia: WATERMEDYIN  project! The deadline was extended to 31 March for the projects in the Sustainable Management of Water and Marine Resources, in the Agrifood and Coastal development.

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