APIA (Agricultural Investment Promotion Agency) regional support and follow-up with young entrepreneurs

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26 Aprile 2021

APIA’s Director, Ms. Anji al Dokki Alhanini visited APIA’s different nurseries in the framework of projects incubated and followed by the agency all over the country. 

On Monday, 8 March, 2021, the first meeting of the Strategic Committee of the Competence Centre for Milk Sector in Tiber was held at the Agency’s central headquarters.

The meeting was organized in the framework of a partnership between the public and private sectors and was supervised by the Ministry of Agriculture and Marine Fishing and Water Resources. The Agricultural Investment Promotion Agency, APIA, ensures the implementation of its various components and encourages the support of the entire agricultural sector. The meeting was attended by the members of the committee, representing all the parties involved in the milk value chain, in addition to the national and international institutions involved (Photo 1).

Photo 1: APIA’s first meeting of the Strategic Committee of the Competence Centre for Milk Sector in Tiber

The Agency visited different projects in several Tunisian regions, such as Tataouine Governorate on March 15th(Photo 2). In the picturea field visit to the Environment, Planting and Horticulture Company based in Tataouine Governorate, Bir Omir Region and specialised in  vegetable production. 

Photo 2: APIA’s visit to Environment, Planting and Horticulture Company in Tataouine Governorate

The General Director and APIA’s agency representatives also paid a visit to the regional administration of the agency in Tataouine to see the progress of works. The visit was held as part of the follow-up of the agricultural investment system in the governorate of Tataouine but also with the aim of identifying investors’ primary concerns. Indeed, the regional Director made a speech on the current and future investment prospects in Tunisia, indicating the opportunities available in the governorate; he also presented further ways to implement these opportunities on the ground so as to attract investors and revive agricultural investments, especially in the production of figs, pistachios, almonds and potatoes and in animal breeding.

From Tataouine to Gabes, the General Director and APIA’s agency representatives visited the “Desert Joy” project in Gabès governorate. This project involved the investment of 60 million dinars in greenhouse tomato cultivation using hot groundwater and natural gas heating techniques,  creating  about 1,000 permanent jobs.  

Photo 3: APIA’s General Director visit to “Desert Joy project” in Gabès

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